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sspf Founder Chairperson of School Pragati Foundation
Mrs. Mukesh (Educationist & Motivator)

Dear Student

Success has only one formula. Stop thinking in terms of limitation and start thinking in terms of possibilities. It is indeed a proud moment for me and all of in the fraternity. SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION a non profit philanthropic body organising. organising “Haryana Gaurav Award” with purpose of enhancing sports, streams and skills from grassroot level . The Haryana Gaurav Award will bring together students , players, coaches, officials, subject expert delegates, trainers and all coordinator across Haryana to compete in the spirit of sportsmanship ,team work and fair play. It is our hope that this championship is an opportunity for you to showcase your skills, meet other competitors, continue to develop the camaraderie on your team and truly experience the colourful and diversified hospitality.

I would like to personally welcome each one of you to be a part of the extravaganza. We are extremely happy to receive you all and see you participate in an event of substance and significance. I am sure you are going to be spending some exciting time which you will relish and recall with good memories when you return home.

I would also like to thank all the members of the organizing committee and everyone who have worked tirelessly to make this an outstanding event for all. Your hard work, perseverance, and commitment to your sports ,talent and acadmic has paid off. Please take the time to cherish the experience and to enjoy the competition and camaraderie to its fullest. Good luck and enjoy the Championships! This is just a beginning, we have very long way to go.

“SPF is here to build India’s future”



Mr. Rajiv Khatri(Sr. Joint Secretary Haryana Athletic Federation of India)

Dear Student

I am happy to know that SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION organising “Haryana Gaurav Award”.

All around development of the youth is one of the key drivers for growth of our country. Here SPF is doing so.Development through activities and experiences that help youth develop social,ethical,cognitive and physical competencies would be beneficial to the individual later in life . I am sure this would also contribute toward nation building.

I congratulate School Pragati Foundation wishing them every success in endeavour to empower our youth sports, skill and stream by Haryana Gaurav Award.



sspf Acadmic Chairman
Er. Surender Poonia (Director Ours Accademy Hisar)

“I am feeling gladful to join with SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION creating opportunity for student to show up there Talent in Acadmics and Sports”

Dear Student

To succed in any Competitive Examination, you need a strong internal motivation & vision. No one can force you to prepare & work hard. Your passion for excellence ability to learn and expert’s guidance can certainly determine. Our success in top level competitive examination of SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION, the systematic teaching methodology help you to gain knowledge simultaneously. It also inculcates positive attitude self belief and high level of confidence which is essential required to quality in any competitive examination.

SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION will provide a student centric learning environment to simulate intellectual development, encourage analytical thinking that develops competitive ability. Our goal enhance student achievement by improving their knowledge, base & exam taking skills.

Again SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION family pays bunch of thanks to all the student, parents , school &our well wishers, for believing us and supporting it’s all because of your belief in us & we are very thankful for this.

All the best for your acadmic endeavour.




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