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Important instructions / process for filling school registration form

The Principal /Head of the sports department of a school shall enter the School details in the school registration form in which information related to:-

  • School
  • Sports Department
  • Sports Infrastructure
  • Number of Physical Education teachers in a school
  • location of the school (Nearest Land Mark)

After verification of the information, participating school shall undergo with an agreement. If school agrees with the agreement then School Pragati Foundation shall sent a confirmation message to the E Mail ID and mobile number provided by school.

After confirmation of the school registration a school shall be provided with the User Name and Password for tournament registration

Login ID & password as per the School Pragati Foundation will be provided . The competent authority of the school shall process and maintain the confidentiality of the User ID and Password under his own supervision.

By using the User ID and Password the competent authority of the school will be able to login into the official website of SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION . The user will reach to the school’s dashboard where he/she needs to provide further detail of school and children participating. Kindly ensure following information will be readily available before proceeding further

  • Personal details of players
  • Name, Father’s Name
  • Date of Birth certificate
  • Class
  • School Name
  • Addhar Card (Scan Copy uploaded)
  • Photo (Scan Copy uploaded)

The information on participating players needs to be certified by the principal of the school. All the submit information will reach to the Principal’s dashboard to certify the information provided by school. The principal will approve/ disapprove every player in the list. After the principal’s certification the final entry for Haryana Gaurav Award will be accepted After approving all players detail by principal the approved information of participating players shall reach to the head of the sports department dashboard and then HOD will submit the details.

It is advised to fill the tournament registration form very carefully since once the form is “confirmed” by user no changes can be made to filled form. On the basis the information filled in the official entry form the ID of players, merit certificate and participating certificate shall be issued.

On the bases of said online entry and data available prior to the tournament, SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION will generate the Identity Cards of the players which shall be downloaded from SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION web and same shall be presented to the tournament coordinator during the tournament.

After the completion of tournament on the base of online data available the participation & merit certificates shall be issued. All the records of tournament and details of merit certificates, participation etc. will also be uploaded on the official website of SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION . By said online process of SCHOOL PRAGATI FOUNDATION ., it will help in maintaining transparency, the RTI act related issues will be resolved immediately and manpower & time will be saved.


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