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School Pragati Foundation spf  is a non-profit philanthropic body.
Search talent through structured sports, streams and skills every year.
Nurture talent through organised coaching camps at Cluster,District and State Levels.

SPF will:

  • Scout for best talent by conducting competitions/tournaments at all levels;
  • Identify co-ordinate and improve the use of existing infrastructure.
  • Arrange for top-class coaching at cluster,District and State Levels.
  • Identify resources, support and coaching staff/subject expert for each discipline;
  • Build teams at cluster,district and state levels.
  • Forge alliances and partnerships with individuals, sports bodies worldwide, governments and educational institutions and everybody who supports the cause of sports , sportspersons and subject expert.

Through its tournaments, School Pragati Foundation will identify talent and encourage them to compete for their respective district and state teams to be able to rise to state level.

School Pragati Foundation has put together a chain of coordinators to ensure that the school children will get to showcase their talent and be rewarded as well. The coordinators at the cluster, district and state levels will work in tandem with schools in providing the talent the right platform to show their skills.

A combination of selectors, umpires/referees/match officials/subject expert will pick talented children for trials after the conclusion of cluster,district,and state levels tournaments. A set of players would then be selected to undergo well-organised coaching camps at each level. The camps will provide appropriate coaching and physical training to the selected players. At the end of the coaching camp at each level, the respective cluster, distict, State team shall be picked.

School Pragati Foundation is here to redefine the development of sports and talent hunt in Haryana in a manner no one has ever thought of implementing, let alone tried.

School Pragati Foundation - is here to help build India’s future.


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