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Guidelines for Haryana Gaurav Award

This multi talent competition started to fulfil the objectives of the society. Now a days, there i need for overall development of children apart from just knowledge building and “School Pragati Foundation” brought this concept to outreach the basic requirnment of transforming the children and youth of tomorrow. The competition has many different category to participate releated to Sports, Streams and Skills.The title is meant for multi talented students who are versatile and best out of entire students in their strata.


To win the award student need to participate in more than one category of competition apart from the one main category selected. Each category carries 100 points on which performance of each participant will be analysed. The points are further divided into 60 points for District level performance and 40 for State level performance. Candidate can select maximum 5 categories of participation including 1 main category. The main participation carry 60% weightage in total score for title “Haryana Gaurav Award” and other category of participation carry 10% weightage each. Every participant will be awarded points according to performance in each level. The student who will score the highest points will be winner of this title award. Please refer to below example for better understanding.


  • Let’s suppose a student participate in 3 categories including 1main category Boxing and other categories biology and singing .In this case, for a student Boxing will have 60%weightage and 2 other categories will carry 10% weightage each , in total student will get points out of total 80 points and get 0 points in remaining 20 points as she/he has selected only 3 categories.
  • Simalarly, if a student participate in 5 categories including 1 main category Boxing and 4 other categories wrestling, biology ,math and singing then for a student boxing will have 60% weightage and other 4 categories will carry 10% weightage each , in total students will get points out of total 100 points.

Various Categories of Competition

  1. Sports
    • Individual participation(16)
    • Archery, Badminton, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Shooting, Swimming, Table tennis,Taekmando, Tennis, Wrestling, Weight lifting, Horse riding and Athletics a) track (100 meter,middle race, long race ,hurdle race , spring relay race ,marathon) b) field (, high jump , long jump , triple jump , javelin throw ,discus throw and shot put)

    • Team participation (8)
    • Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Handball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-kho

  2. Streams
  3. Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Political science, Economics, Business studies, Accountancy, Home science, Computer science , Sociology, Physiology, Environmental science, Mass communication, Punjabi, Fine arts, General knowledge

  4. Talent
  5. Singing, Dancing, Drawing/painting, Yoga, Beauty peageant, Category of choice (if any)

Students can select any one category as main category of participation .Apart from it students can also select maximum 4 additional categories out of remaining categories for participating to in title award “HARYANA GAURAV”. Every participant will get the chance to show talent at Clusters level first then at Distict level and only qualifiers including winner and runner up will get up chance to participate at State level. Individual category –wise participation detail include Criteria of Paticipation , Conduct of competition, Winning criteria and Awards &recognitions are mentioned on site.


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